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Circle Consecration of Chaos
Khyilh_NammalushДата: Суббота, 19.03.2011, 17:15 | Сообщение # 1


Needed are a bell, tingshahs, or any musical instrument creating a resonating, penetrating sound to be struck after each of the name pairs are said, and three bowls. One of the bowls holding water, another salt, and the third, empty, for pouring the salt and water into. This ritual is written for a group of at least three operators, but is easily adapted for solitary work.

The Consecration:

1. One agent holds a bowl containing water; another holds a bowl containing salt. The third operator, who will deliver the names to the eight directions, holds an empty bowl in the center.

2. All operators begin a short meditation on the concept of an unmanifest, or unliving, Universe (the One Plane that has no duality, and therefore no potential for change).

3. The third operator says "Hello" to the agents holding the water and salt-filled bowls. These operators return this opening, in unison, with the statement "Yes, hello."

4. The bowls of salt and water are poured simultaneously into the empty bowl held by the main (or third) operator, and all operators proclaim the birth of duality in the name "THANATEROS!".

5. The main operator (MO) then steps forward in the direction s/he is facing, and flings droplets of the salt-water whilst the bell is rung, and calls upon:


Visualization by all operators: The anthropomorphic entity of Chaos as an old man or as a vast dark and watery sea, conjoined with a young woman or a wind upon waves, representing consciousness and intellect (or reason), imposing Order upon Chaos.

6. Turning 45 degrees to the left the MO flings hir fingers with the salt-water, the bell is rung, and proclaims:


A huge serpent-dragon goddess of the sea-depths and a bright, shining god armed with a sword, intent upon cutting the serpent into equal, ordered pieces.

7. Turning again 45 degrees to the left, the MO flings salt-water in this direction and proclaims:


A Grandmother, from whom is derived the Water of Life, who at her bosom feeds plants, animals and humanity, and a Great Anthropomorphic Hare (like a Pooka) who is the father of humanity and the shepherd or king of all the animals.

8. Turning 45 degrees to the left, the main operator proclaims with a fling of the salt-water and a ring of the bell:


A long-haired man in a loincloth hung upon a cross, representing self-sacrifice, and a generous being with a torch before him, representing gnosis and knowledge.

9. Same as before but the MO proclaims:


directly opposite from the beginning (Step #5) position and visualization of an ill-defined all-father shaman god and a trickster, who can confidently assume any form.

10. The MO proclaims and flings with the names:


A jackal or some other dog-like headed god of the desert wasteland, darkness, and chaos, conjoined with a solar hawk-headed god of fertility, light, and conscious, and premeditated order.

11. Again, 45 degrees to the left, the MO proclaims:


A terrifying pair of deities locked in a never ending embrace. Shiva is the all-begetter/ all-destroyer, and Kali is the goddess of lust and death.

12. Again, 45 degrees to the left, the MO proclaims:


A compound deity representing, respectfully, all possible forms of manifestation and all forms of self-identification/perception or conceits.

13. All operators confirm the space "reserved" as the MO returns to hir original position with the statement:


Thus ending the preliminary rite.


эрраДата: Суббота, 19.03.2011, 17:49 | Сообщение # 2

Честно не знаю,что будет от таких манипуляций как смешать воду с солью в миске. Конечно, понятно пресные воды Апсу смешивается с солеными водами Тиамат, что даёт рождение вселенной.
Надо попробовать как-нибудь.
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